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Claremont Running Team welcomes new Runners, 1st grade to 8th grade; Student Volunteers ages 14 - 18; and Parent Volunteers.  To enroll in CRT, click "Enroll Now".

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Claremont Running Team:  For Youth Who Love to Run! 

Claremont Running Team (CRT) is a California, tax exempt,  501(3)(c) non-profit organization for youth, dedicated to instilling a life-long love of  running and fostering youth sports competition as individuals and as a team.   Claremont Running Team is an active USATF Member, (USA Track and Field) the National Governing Body for Track & Field, Race Walking & Long Distance.  

Program Membership is open to all boys and girls, 1st grade through 8th grade (or ages 7 - 14), as participants, and to their parents as volunteers.  The Directors, Officers, and Coaches are all non-compensated volunteers.  Practices and runs, as part of Quarterly Programs, are scheduled for one-hour, on up to four days a week, at parks, trails, or other locations where running is fun.  Practices are designed by certified coaches, emphasize fun and improved fitness, yet provide a pathway for more serious runners to reach their goals as they mature.  CRT is open to all, is a separate nonprofit organization, and is not a part of any school or district running program.

How to Get Runners Started:   (1)  Enroll.  Click HERE, or on the yellow button above, press "Click HERE to Enroll a new Runner...," or click "ENROLL NOW" in the top menu.  Annual Enrollment begins September 1 and ends August 31.  Join anytime - Enrollment fees are prorated.  (2)  Register for the programs and events (such as quarterly practices) of your choosing.  A signed WAIVER is required.

Enrollment and Registrations are charged separately.   Pay only for Registered Programs and Events.  Every effort is made to keep expenses and your costs low, in order to make CRT as affordable.  Based on regular attendance, the average cost  to participate in a daily one-hour practice is about $1.

Programs and Events are intended to be developmental and enjoyable.  Coaching is based on encouragement rather than pressure.  Depending on age and interest, competition distances typically range from 300 meters to 5K's.  

CRT believes that there are many meanings to being a "champion," and that success takes varied forms.  The myriad benefits of running apply to all, not only to competitive runners but also to those who want to be "champions of life."   CRT believes that young children benefit from a gradual introduction into competitive running.   Likewise, a runner's genuine desire to "win," or to be the best he/she can be, will be self-determined.   As children mature, the enjoyment of competition is best achieved when secondary to self-confidence and the love of running.   

A free one-practice trial is available for Guests. 

Parent Volunteers:  This is our team for the benefit of our children in the local community.  Please enroll as a volunteer.  Volunteering an hour a week, or volunteer overlapping your child's running time, makes a tremendous difference! 

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