For Whom is the Claremont Running Team Targeted?  

What are the Benefits?

Children Ages 7 - 14 Many children instinctively love to run.  With educational demands and the lure of modern technology, running is a great way to make sure that children get the aerobic exercise and time outdoors they need.  Children geographically best able to take advantage of the CRT's practices and events are children living in Claremont or nearby communities.  The practices and events are open to boys and girls ages 7 through 14 (or grades 1 through 8) regardless of where they attend or plan to attend school.
Runners who eventually might consider joining a cross country or track team in Jr. high or high school. CRT can be the competitive edge that a child needs to develop into successful runners.  As in nearly all sports, running exposure and activity at an early age can lead to improved future success.
Children with a primary interest in sports other than running, but who want to reap the benefits of being a part of a running team. Endurance and fitness contribute to success in many sports.  In particular, these include soccer, tennis, wrestling, basketball, cheerleading, and dance.  Running is one of the most efficient ways to improve endurance and fitness while developing lean muscles.
Children looking for a sport/activity where practice, commitment, and consistency are the most important attributes for success.  The keys to being a good cross country runner or middle distance track runner are largely self-determined and based on developing good habits.  These keys include:  (1) Consistency in mileage, day after day, week-after-week, and year-after-year.   There is no substitute for running consistency.  (2) Healthy diet and adequate sleep.  Exercise breaks the body down and stimulates recovery and growth.  Good nutrition and rest is needed to achieve optimal results.  (3) Positive attitude and effort.  (4) Follow the coach on training, teamwork, and strategy.  (5) Use opportunities for big breakthroughs.  If you have more free time during summer, use some of it to gradually run more often and run longer.  If you are vacationing in place where you can run, take advantage!  (6) Be a part of a team.  Learn from more experienced runners, find role models, and lean on running buddies for support.
Children looking for a sport where athletes of average height and size can be successful. Just as children cannot make themselves taller, no matter how hard they try, many sports are dominated by people with standout physical characteristics.  How many short players are in the top ranks of basketball?  How many small thin players make the varsity football team?  Many sports are dominated by athletes with unusual size and power.  However top middle and long distance runners come in all shapes and sizes, tall and short.    The current men's world record holders in the 1600 and 5000 meters are 5'9" and 5'6".  The current women's world record holders are 5'8" and 5'3".  There are champion runners of all sizes.
Improve concentration, develop self-confidence. Studies have shown that running improves concentration, and perhaps even strengthens intelligence.  As a runner advances, improvement is facilitated by setting long-term goals and then working towards them.   As one learns to respect his/her own body, concurrently comes self-respect and self-confidence.   It's never too young for children to recognize that reaching goals takes a plan and then actions taken to accomplish a plan. 
Disclosure: All children are welcome, however CRT has limited resources and no capabilities to provide additional assistance to participants/RUNNERS with special needs.  Likewise, at this time we are unable to offer Practices or Events outside the age groups indicated.  The main requisites for Runner participation are the ability to self-propel (walking or running), following the coach's instructions, and abiding by CRT's Code of Conduct.

Claremont Running Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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