Youth Runner Equipment:  

Participants/Runners are responsible to provide and utilize their own appropriate athletic footwear (no spikes), water bottle, any warm-up clothes / sweatshirt and other running gear, and health safety items (facemask and hand sanitizer).   Inappropriate footwear, such as poor fitting shoes or boots, can result in injuries.

Youth Runners should wear their red CRT team t-shirt to practices, (or any other bright red shirt) to practices.  Parks are utilized by many visitors and community members unknown to CRT coaches or its volunteers.  Being able to easily identify and track CRT youth from a distance is an important safety consideration.  This is especially important when the track or parks are crowded due to use by others.  Team colors are red and white, red and black, or red and gray.

Yoga mats are recommended to use during stretching.   This is especially helpful for youth who have grass-related allergies, when the grass is wet, and for anyone uncomfortable stretching on grass.

Sunscreen is recommended for sunny days.  

CRT does not allow team members, student volunteers, or parent volunteers working with youth runners to use bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or roller blades, animals, and personal music players during or at team activities. 

Always report injuries and do not run sick or injured.

We recommend that parents bring a sports/folding chair.

Race Uniforms:   Race Uniforms are not included in the cost of Membership.  One team t-shirt are provided to all Annual Members. 

Claremont Running Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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