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CRT Team Rules & Code of Conduct Policy

The following Team Rules & Code of Conduct Policy shall apply to Directors, Officers, Coaches, Volunteers, Youth Runners, Student Volunteers, and the parents/guardians and other family members of Youth who attend or participate in CRT Programs & Events:

  • Be positive!  Cheer for all!  Support RUNNERS' efforts and results regardless of ability or results;
  • Be responsible.  Be on time, and be prepared for events;
  • Be a friend.  Show respect and appreciation for your fellow RUNNERS, Directors, Officers, Volunteers, Parents, and Coaches at all times;
  • Never yell, taunt, or threaten physical or emotional violence, even in jest, upon another YOUTH RUNNER, Student Volunteer, Director, Officer, Parent Volunteer, Parent, Coach, a competitor, or an event spectator.  Bullying or hazing will not be tolerated;
  • Never use abusive or vulgar language, or make racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments at or during CRT Programs & Events;
  • Program & Event Fees are payable prior to the start of the Program or Event.  Some Programs & Events may require advance Registration and Payment.  Program & Event Fees may be non-refundable, depending on the Program or Event specifics.  Training Programs are always non-refundable following 14 days after a program's start.
  • Parents are responsible to pick-up & drop off their own children on time at the designated locations.  While discouraged, and never permissible after dark or at night, any child in 5th grade or higher bringing himself/herself to or from CRT Programs & Events must have a signed Drop-off and Pick-up Authorization Form on file from their parents agreeing to it and accepting liability.  No children under 10 are ever allowed to bring themselves unaccompanied, without a responsible adult bringing them to or from practices or events.
  • Only screened parents, who have undergone a criminal background screening, and who have passed USATF's SafeSport may have direct contact at Programs & Events with children other than their own.  
  • Parents and Volunteers may be Coaches or Assistant Coaches only after completion and passing the required Criminal Background Screening, USATF's SafeSport, and becoming a USATF Certified Coach.
  • Parents/Guardians of children in 4th Grade or younger must be present during all practices and events.  CRT is a sports team, and not child care.  RUNNERS should follow the coaching directions of the Coaches and Assistant Coaches.  For the safety of participants and for the good conduct of the team, Coaches need parents to be present  and observing - particularly in the event of an injury or if any child is unable or unwilling to follow coaching direction.  
  • Parents of older children who choose not present, must be available by phone at their registered phone numbers.   Parents may arrange for another parent to drop-off, pickup, or stay with the child during the activity or event, so long as the parent has signed the requisite Drop-off and Pick-up Authorization Form.  No one may ever drop off a child or leave with a child at a Program or Event without first making contact with a CRT coach or another CRT official in charge.  
  • CRT does not allow RUNNERS or VOLUNTEERS to use bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skates or roller blades, animals, and personal music players during or at team activities.  

  • Always report YOUTH RUNNER'S injuries.  YOUTH are not to run sick or injured.

  • In the event of injury, parents/guardians are responsible to provide or arrange appropriate medical care.  Coaches, board members, and officers are not medical professionals and their ability to provide care may be limited to calling 911.

  • CRT strives to keep it's YOUTH RUNNERS, STUDENT VOLUNTEERS, and PARENT VOLUNTEERS safe from abuse and mistaken suspicions.  Accordingly, the following rules shall be in force: 

  1. No personal gifts are allowed from Directors, Officers, Coaches, or Volunteers to children not their own.  
  2. Email, text, and phone communications from Directors, Officers, Coaches and Volunteers are to be sent to the phone numbers or email addresses of parents/guardians. 
  3. The use of fist bumps or high-fives are positive ways to show RUNNER recognition.  However, contact with the bodies of children should never be initiated or reciprocated by adults.  Adults who are not the parent or a YOUTH RUNNER or STUDENT VOLUNTEER are not allowed to initiate or reciprocate tickling or hugging of YOUTH.  
  4. Out-of-program contact, that doesn't include YOUTH RUNNER'S or STUDENT VOLUNTEER'S parents, should never be initiated or reciprocated by an adult.
  5. No flirtatious conversation is allowed.   
  6. Adults should not interact with CRT minors, who are not their own, on private social media.   
  7. Sport photography should not include sexualized imagery. 
  8. Volunteers, STUDENT VOLUNTEERS, Coaches, Parents/Guardians, or other adults are never to be alone or out of sight from others with a child that is not their own.
  9. Sexual comments to or unwanted physical contact with minors may result in serious ramifications, including loss of membership, and may be subject to mandatory reporting to law enforcement or other legal authorities.  
  10. Any person observing inappropriate behavior or contact with a minor should immediately report the incident to the President, Audit Committee, or appropriate legal authority;
  • Enrollment dues, Program & Event fees, a signed DISCLAIMER, ASSUMPTION OF LIABILITY, AND  WAIVER, and a YOUTH INSURANCE INFORMATION FORM must remain up-to-date;
  • Violations of the Team Rules & Code of Conduct policy should be memorialized in writing and reported to the Board.
  • The Board, at it's sole discretion, or a Coach or Officer under the direction of the Board, may suspend, remove, disenroll or cancel Registrations of a YOUTH RUNNER, STUDENT VOLUNTEER, or PARENT VOLUNTEER parent/guardian, or any member of the RUNNER’S or STUDENT VOLUNTEER’S family, at any time with or without cause, and without liability.
  • The CRT may amend Team Rules and Code of Conduct at its sole discretion and at any time.
  • The goal of this Code is not to create a detailed list of every rule nor a detailed behavioral policy, but rather a baseline of behavioral expectations.  This is meant to facilitate a safe and positive environment for all YOUTH RUNNERS and VOLUNTEERS.  It is not a mechanism to supplant common sense or for the Board, Officers, and Coaches to mediate interpersonal conflicts.

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