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Training and Practice Sessions These are running practices and training sessions for Youth Runners.   It is through regular running and practices (as part of registering for a quarterly practice) that Youth Runners build their fitness, endurance, and readiness to compete in races or other competitions.  The love and enjoyment increases along with fitness.  Practices may include warm-up runs, running games, relays, intervals, distance runs, and tempo runs.  These are normally conducted at schools or parks in Claremont (see Calendar).  Please see additional information on practices.
Group Training Runs Occasional trail runs (such as Claremont Wilderness Park) may be scheduled depending on availability, insurance, and participation of sufficient volunteer coaches and certified parent volunteers/chaperones. 
 Races Members may choose to register and pay for Races, which are separate events.  Races are of various lengths, depending upon Participant's age and readiness.  CRT practices generally prepare runners for distances between 400 meters to a 5K.  CRT's emphasis is on developing the love of running.   Races become fun and exciting events in which RUNNERS learn to challenge themselves, discover their own abilities, and the races they enjoy.   Races can be community events, events sanctioned by Road Runners Clubs of America, or USATF events such as the Jr. Olympics.  Participation in USATF events are charged separately at CRT's cost, and are often less than $10.00.  Parents are responsible for transportation to/from races. 
USATF Official Championship Races: USATF Number & Birthday Certification

Official USATF races, especially end of the year championship and Junior Olympic Races may require advance verification of Runner's birthdays.   It is recommended that new Runners complete this process for peace of mind and to assure that your Runner can be registered into these events.

Birth certificates/certification must be submitted to USATF Connect  at AT LEAST two weeks ahead of race days.  Registration into USATF championship races will not be accepted without prior verification.  Verification takes 5 business days (holidays excluded) in advance of race registration deadlines.  As we approach end of the season races and Junior Olympic qualifying,  it is important to have your runner's verifications completed.  The USATF puts out this notice:  

REQUIREMENTS: All athletes must be USATF registered members and complete USATF date of birth verification. These two steps are required, and entries will not be accepted for any upcoming So Cal Youth meets until these items are completed. For each meet, check the information flyer and register online. Thank you – So Cal Youth.  The link below is the USATF policy on birthday verifications.

Parents are able to submit verification directly by logging onto their child's USATF account.  CRT can also submit birth certificates.  If you would like CRT to submit birth certificates on your runner's behalf, please send clear scan copies to childsafety@ , cc:  Please send these to CRT at least 18 days prior to race day.  USATF states that they accept birth certificates, passports, and certified baptismal records.  

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