Join the Team as a Youth Runner, Student Volunteer, or Parent Volunteer

Youth Runners:  Youth Runners follow a 2-step process.   First enroll as a team member (good for up to one year), then register for Quarterly Practices and Events.  Parents/Guardian's of Runners/Participants must first complete online team membership application with the Claremont Running Team before registering for Quarterly Practices & Events.  Team Membership and Practice Registrations are charged separately.   To participate in Quarterly Practices, Youth Runners must Enroll as Team Member and then Register for Quarterly Practices.  The Annual Team Membership Dues for a full year is $48.   CRT youth membership includes individual membership in USATF, a CRT t-shirt, and helps cover participant fees charged by the City of Claremont.  Become a Team Member / Enroll anytime.  Claremont Running Team's (CRT) Full-year Team Membership begins September 1 and ends August 31 of the next year.   Pricing to Youth Runners is kept as low as possible, so that they can be a Team Member for up to a full year.  There is no requirement  to make advance commitments to a year's worth of Practices and Events.  Due to the low pricing and CRT's out of pocket costs, proration of Team Membership for partial years and/or discounts for siblings of Runners is unavailable.  There are no refunds for early cancellation.  Parents/guardians must register their own minor children.   This website is not for children.  Youth Runners enrolled by their parents/guardians must be at least 1st grade,  to 8th grade, or within the ages of 7 - 14.   Required are a completed online application and a signed Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk, and Disclaimer FormYouth Runners must be covered by their own medical insurance.  

Benefits of Team Membership include:

  • Throughout the year, Runners may Register for the quarterly practices and events of their choosing. 
  • Only Youth Runners can Registered for CRT's running practices and events, 
  • Training practices (Registered and charged separately) are designed by certified coaches.
  • Racing schedules and events for Runners (charged separately).
  • CRT is a fun environment to race and develop competitive skills.
  • Join with other children in the community who also love running.
  • Running is great for physical fitness and mental health.
  • Children aspiring to run competitively in jr. high, high school, or college have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Parent Volunteers:  Due to child safety requirements, Parent Volunteers have the most work to become enrolled as Team Members.  Parent Volunteers must not have been convicted of any crime against children or of a violent crime.  To apply, complete Claremont Running Team's online application, become a USATF member, pass USATF's criminal background check (National Center for Safety Initiatives),  and complete SafeSport's online training (USOC).   Annual CRT Team Membership is free.  As  you complete the steps, Annual USATF membership costs $30 and the background screening costs $16.  Because parent volunteers join USATF directly and must initiate their background checks directly, unfortunately parents must front these costs directly.  CRT will subsequently provide reimbursement.  Volunteer Coaches have additional USATF requirements in order to become a USATF Certified Coach.  Required of Parent Volunteers are a completed Team Membership Application and a signed  Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk, and Disclaimer Form, emailed to the Child Safety Volunteer or delivered by hard copy to a CRT Practice .  Depending on the Parent Volunteer's assignment, there may be additional requirements. 

Email Address Requirements You Must Know Before Enrolling as a Team Member:

All Youth Runners/Participants, Youth Volunteers, and Parent Volunteers must Enroll using their own UNIQUE email address.  This means that each Youth Runner, Student Volunteer, or Parent Volunteers must have their own email address.  Multiple Runners or a Runner and a Parent Volunteer may not use the same email address.  Furthermore, for child safety and insurance reasons, all email accounts must belong to Parents/Guardians and not to their minor children.  If you need additional unique email addresses, adding an "alias" to a parent/guardian's existing email is a highly recommended solution.  Please click HERE for information on fast and simple ways to create email aliases at Gmail and with other major email providers.

Claremont Running Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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