Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  Does my child have to attend all of the team’s quarterly practices?

A.  Choose the practice days that work for you.  Many youth have other schedules and obligations and can’t practice four days a week.  However, the more days one practices, the better the value for money (already cheap), and the greater and faster will be improvements in fitness and running.  For races and events, attendance at practices will be a qualification for participation.

Q.  What are the seasons that CRT offers quarterly practices?

A.  Practices are offered year-round.  For those interested in running cross country and track in middle school or high school, to be the best one can be takes consistency of commitment year-round.

Q.  Other than Quarterly Practices, What are Events?

A.  As a sanctioned USATF youth club, Claremont Running Team runners are able to register for races and participate as part of an official team. This includes USATF sanctioned meets and the Junior Olympics.

Q.  Why is the Registration for Quarterly Practices charged in addition to / separately from the Annual Team Membership Fee to join the team?

A.  The separate charges for Annual Team Membership and Practices/Events are meant to accommodate the many requirements of different types of Youth Runners.  Some runners may choose to participate in quarterly practices during their off-seasons from another sport.  Some runners may only want to participate in practices to get in shape for Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Cross Country Season, Track or another sport at their local school.   Youth Team Members Register and pay for practice seasons and races they want to join.  CRT Annual Team Membership, on the other hand, lasts for up to 12-months.   

Q.  What does the Annual Team Membership Fee cover? 

A.  It covers USATF membership (also good for up to a year), a team t-shirt, and per-youth charges levied by the City of Claremont.

Q.  Why are Annual Team Membership Fees not prorated for partial years?

A.  The costs that Annual Team Membership covers are fixed regardless of full year or partial year participation.  As a non-profit, we endeavor to match and pass on to members only the costs incurred.  CRT offers great value for money even for partial years.

Q.  What do the Registration Fees Cover?

A.  Registration Fees cover the costs of putting on practices, race entry fees, and running the team’s operations. 

Q.  Why does Annual Team Membership start September 1?

A.  CRT is a youth running club, and our Annual Team Membership is meant to coincide with the school year.

Q.  Can I run at a CRT practice as a Guest before joining the team or paying for a quarterly practice?

A.  Yes, youth runners can run for a day as a trial without making any commitments or payments.  Guests are required to sign CRT’s Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk, and Waiver.

Q.  Is membership in the Claremont Running Team limited to Claremont residents or limited to students attending Claremont schools?

A.  No.  CRT is open to all.  We are an independent nonprofit organization, and we not connected with nor a part of any school or school district.

Claremont Running Team is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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